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Renewable energy is a vital component of our nation’s energy infrastructure needs. Capturing renewable energy sources and converting them into usable energy allows us to reduce our overall carbon footprint while maintaining the quality of life for future generations.

NTACT will elevate your ESG platform so that you can be the best corporate citizen you can be. We work with our client partners to identify opportunities to integrate brownfield renewable initiatives and develop greenfield renewable applications where possible.

As a business focused on sustainability, NTACT Operations remains focused on delivering the lowest cost of delivered energy to maximize the financial returns of each project. NTACT prides itself on maintaining a corporate culture that is focused on our people. Our experienced management team and long-tenured tradespeople are experienced in scaling up when needed while remaining conscious of only bringing in people who live by our Safety culture.

  • Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)/Biogas Upgrading

  • Landfill Gas (LFG) Processing

  • Solar Power Generation

  • Geothermal Power Generation


Renewable Gas Project

Renewable Energy Facilities

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