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Contractor for Renewable Gas Facility


Contractor for Renewable Natural Gas Facilities


"While quality and productivity are critical to our operations, they will never take precedence over the safety of personnel or protection of the environment." 

Larry Molinar

President, and Founder

NTACT Operations is committed to sustainability and to reducing our carbon footprint in everything that we do. Explore our growing list of efforts to minimize NTACT's impact on the environment.

NTACT commitment to energy conservation

Energy Conservation

  • Equipment turned off when not in use

  • LED light bulbs in all offices and tool trailers

  • Energy-efficient technology and equipment with Energy Star markings

  • Offices are equipped with smart automation systems:

    • Programmable thermostats to reduce energy consumption during non-business hours

    • Automated light switches programmed to turn off during non-business hours

  • Battery-operated hand tools

  • Laptop computers

Water Conservation

NTACT Commitment to water conservation
  • Frac tanks and/or hydro test planning methods to ensure ability to reuse water for multiple tests

  • Immediately repair leaking equipment

  • Clean up with brooms or battery-operated blowers (rather than water) Installation of septic systems at office buildings allows us to reuse clean septic water for irrigation/sprinkler systems

  • Plans to install reverse osmosis systems at office buildings to reduce plastic water bottle waste

Environmental Conservation

  • A preventive maintenance plan is in place to ensure all company vehicles run at optimal efficiency

  • Limit idle engine time on generators, equipment, and trucks

  • Use alternative fuels in vehicles and generators when possible

  • Replace older vehicles with newer, more efficient vehicles with automatic engine shutoffs and better MPG

  • 60-75% of all welding is completed at our fabrication shop instead of in the field to reduce overall emissions (eliminates the need for daily commuting to the job sites by rig welders and associated personnel)

  • Our fabrication shop's material, management system, and automated pipe profiling machine ensure limited waste and reduce materials transportation

  • Plasma pipe profiler reduces our oxygen and acetylene usage in the field and emissions created from the transportation of said materials

  • Procure products with minimal environmental impacts, such as recycled and renewable materials

  • Emphasize purchasing materials and products local to the job sites to reduce emissions and fuel used during transportation

NTACT Commitment to Energy Conservation

Waste Management

NTACT Commitment to waste management

Separate and recycle all waste and recyclables at all job sites and offices, including all scrap metal, wire, etc.

Green Energy Markets

NTACT Green Energy markets

NTACT is active in the "green energy" markets, now providing renewable energy services. We most recently constructed a biogas facility in North Texas. The facility captures and processes biogas/methane from decomposing waste produced on farms.

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