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NTACT Operations Construction Expertise

From field maintenance services to complex processing facilities and compressor stations, the skilled construction team at NTACT has an excellent Quality Assurance (QA/QC) program and expertise in a wide range of construction project needs:

Oil and Gas Contractor - Construction

  • Process Piping Fabrication, Installation, and Testing

  • Nitrogen Rejection Unit Sourcing and Installation

  • New Gas Treating, Dehydration, and Processing Plant Installation

  • Compressor and Pump Stations (compressor station contractors)

  • Slug Catchers and NGL Stabilizers

  • Meter Stations (Gas, NGL, and Crude) and LACT Units

  • Terminals

  • Production Facilities, Central Tank Batteries, Flares, and SWDs

  • Surplus Plant/Compression/Equipment Dismantling and Relocation

  • Skid and Modular Unit Fabrication and Assembly

  • Mechanical/Rotating Equipment Installation and Assembly

  • Materials and Labor Procurement and Management

  • Civil and Concrete Work

  • Heavy Lifting and Rigging

  • Structural Steel Fabrication and Erection

  • Hydrotesting and NDE

  • Painting

  • Project and Construction Management

Download our brochure to learn more or contact David Sandberg ( to discuss your next construction project.

NTACT Construction Flyer
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