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Top 5 Principles to Consider When Choosing a Construction Contractor in the Energy Industry

Energy Industry Construction Contractor
Compressor Station Construction Project

When it comes to industrial construction projects, selecting the right contractor is crucial for the success of the venture. More specifically, in the energy industry, projects often involve complex and demanding scopes, so it is essential to choose a contractor who can meet these challenges effectively. To help, we’ve compiled a short list of principles to consider when selecting a contractor for your next oil & gas or renewable energy project:


Safety should the top priority in any industrial construction project. Before hiring a contractor, thoroughly evaluate their safety record, including the TRIR (total recordable incident rate) and the EMR (experience modification rate). Look for a contractor who has a proven track record of implementing robust safety protocols, maintaining a safe work environment, and achieving low incident rates. A contractor with an excellent safety record demonstrates their commitment to protecting their workers and ensuring success completion of the project.

The safety of the NTACT Operations’ personnel is the foundation for achieving success on all projects. Led by an award-winning HSE Director, Angel Casas, our culture includes a unified & committed approach to safety, responsibility, and accountability. The proactive systems in place aim for incident free processes. NTACT Operations has an industry-leading Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) and Experience Modification Rate (EMR) while performing over 6,000,000 work hours.


Industrial construction projects involve significant investments of time, resources, and money. It is crucial to work with a contractor who has financial stability and strong financial track record. Assess a contractor’s financial health by reviewing their financial statements, credits ratings, and references. A financially stable contractor is more likely to complete the project within the agreed budget and timeframe, minimizing the risk of delays, cost, and potential disruptions.

As a family-owned company, NTACT Operations is privately held and completely debt free.


Industrial construction projects often operate on tight schedules and require precise coordination. A reliable contractor must have a reputation for delivering projects on time and within budget. Assess their ability to meet deadlines by reviewing their past projects and seeking references from previous clients. Additionally, consider the contractor’s efficiency by managing resources, materials, and subcontractors. Efficient project management ensures a smooth workflow, reduces downtime, and maximizes productivity.

To ensure timeliness and efficiency, NTACT not only creates a project execution plan, but regularly provides reports, informing all parties of the progress of work throughout the lifespan of the project. Each of our skilled Project Managers at NTACT track costs, schedules, and progress on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

In addition, NTACT carefully selects each subcontractor to not only ensure quality and control. For example, prior to performing work for the NTACT companies, all subcontractors are required to submit a detailed pre-qualification.


Industrial construction projects demand specialized knowledge and expertise. Look for a contractor with extensive experience in handling similar projects within the oil & gas and renewable energy industry. Consider the portfolio and inquire about past project complexity and scale. An experienced contractor will have quality management systems in place and will be familiar with the unique challenges and regulations associated with the energy industry.

With decades of experience in the energy industry, the tenured leadership team at NTACT Operations is proud to have worked with many small, medium, and large companies. With this range of experience in oil & gas and renewable energy projects, NTACT has proven to provide reliable solutions when unforeseen issues arise. In addition, NTACT maintains a quality-management system for construction projects to control quality across our diverse markets and holds current National Board, “NB”, “R”, and “U” ASME stamps. Our experience and expertise contribute to the success of each project, from planning and design to execution and completion.


In today’s environmentally conscious world, sustainability plays a vital role in all oil & gas and renewable energy projects. Look for a contractor who integrates sustainable practices into their projects, such as energy-efficient designs, waste-reduction strategies, and the use of environmentally friendly materials.

With hopes to minimize environmental impact with each project, NTACT Operations is committed to sustainability through energy and water conservation, employee awareness and training, environmental conservation, and waste management. NTACT is also active in the "green energy" markets, with expertise in construction of biogas facilities and landfill gas (LFG) processing plants, for example.

By leveraging a contractor’s expertise, experience, and resources, specialized energy contractors can effectively manage and execute complex projects, ensuring safety, efficiency, and quality at every stage. From initial planning and design build to seamless implementation and timely completion, partnering with a company like NTACT Operations will bring and invaluable advantage, ultimately helping companies reach their goals with confidence and peace of mind.

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